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I have reported http://www.nflbroncosofficialstore.com/18_peyton_manning_jersey_cheap that if Stephen Ross is moved to fire someone as part of the blame game for the locker room harassment scandal as a result of a season not meeting expectations, he is more likely to fire Peyton Manning Jersey general manager Jeff Ireland than head coach Joe Philbin.

Ross said nothing to separate himself from that report when he spoke to the media Monday night and poured the love on thick Philbin and didn mention Ireland at all, other than to say the general manager is on one of his two newly appointed committees.

No, I not saying firing Ireland is a mistake. I saying half measures are a mistake. I saying scapegoating is a mistake. I saying everyone in the Dolphins football side of the organization is responsible for the current state of affairs and picking one guy here or there to pin it on is a mistake.

I advocate full measures. If you going to fire, then everyone should www.nflbroncosofficialstore.com/78_ryan_clady_jersey_cheap go. If you going to keep folks, then keep everyone.

Why do I say this?

Because I tired of the Dolphins being a poorly run, embarrassing act that everyone else in Ryan Clady man Jersey the NFL views as a clinic for getting it wrong the past decade or so.

To me, firing an underperforming but keeping underperforming is like identifying a cancer but getting chemo for only part of the tumor. I see it as an incomplete measure.

Let start with the Dolphins themselves.

In January 2000, Jimmy Johnson who served as both coach and GM for the Dolphins retired. But rather than go out and start anew and seek a fresh direction, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga allowed the man who was leaving to name his successor. Think of that. Don Shula, the winningest coach of all time, was ushered out by Huizenga and not allowed to name a successor.

And the organization got the Dave Wannstedt error as a result.

Wannstedt quit or was told he be fired thus left late in the 2004 season. Nick Saban was hired as coach in January 2005. And he kept Rick Spielman as the general manager.

It was a nightmare for both men.

Spielman left after one season under Saban. It was a mutual parting. (Yeah, right).

Saban hired Randy Mueller as his new GM.

And after one more season Saban left.

And Huizenga kept Mueller and promoted him, giving him say personnel. And in return Mueller had to accept the hiring of Cam Cameron. And Cameron was of a coaching stature that he had to accept Mueller.

And the Dolphins went 1 15.

When Bill Parcells was hired he cleaned house. It was painful to Mueller and Cameron, but the Dolphins were going in a new direction and Parcells wanted new people. Hey, you know what, it ultimately didn work. But I get the approach. I agree with the approach.

When the Parcells Tony Sparano Jeff Ireland trio obviously didn work, I would have expected owner Stephen Ross to start anew.

Of course, he did not.

He kept Ireland and, as a result, multiple high caliber coaches declined to even consider the Dolphins open coaching job in January 2012. Jon Gruden didn Bill Cowher didn The Dolphins got to the interview stage with Jeff Fisher but he wanted to bring his own personnel people and Ross wanted to retain Ireland.

So Ross to resort (yes, resort) to interviewing coaches who did not have the prominence, history or cache to able to their own personnel people. So Ross hired Joe Philbin.

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